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Truck Mounted Boom Lift

Truck Mounted Boom Lift using all aluminum bolted and with light weight, beautiful shape; Large carrying capacity of the chassis and strong adaptability for different condition; Blended arm structure, easy operation; It is of wide operating range, large load capacity, strong power, high work efficiency as well as its cost saving. It is widely used in electric power maintenance, construction, urban utilities and gardening, airport and harbor, curtain wall engineering, outdoor or highway advertising, etc.

Vehicle mounted platform

1. Wide Range of Operation: The machine adopts lightweight boom design and can operate in a wide range flexibly and 


2. Support Leg with Large Span and Function of Automatic Detection of Reaction Force 

3. Complete Safety Measures: Safety measures such as amplitude limiter, automatic detection of the reaction force of

 the support legs, maximum position detection alarm, on and off interlocking, interlocking of supporting legs and boom,

and safety valves.

4. Rotation of Working Sidebar :Rotation angles around ±80°of the working sidebar can be selected, to meet special 

working requirement of the users. 

5. Emergency Electric Power Devices: It shall guarantee that the platform can be put down in case of failure of the 

chassis power system; the slewing mechanism can be slewed manually. 

6. Hydro-cylinder Protective Covers and Dust-proof Boom: The hydro-cylinder rods have protective covers, and the boom 

head has dust-proof devices.